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DECiDE to Do sth造句

I decided to go to the park.

I decide to go shopping tomorrow.我决定明天去购物。

I decide to go to bed early tonight 我决定今晚早点睡觉. I'd like to volunteer to help that old man.我自愿去帮助那些老人

decide 英[dɪˈsaɪd] 美[dɪˈsaɪd] vt. 决定; 决心; 解决; 裁决; vi. 决定; 下决心; -n.decision 决定,决心 例句:You need not now decide. 你不需要现在决定。 decide to do sth. 表示决定做某事 没有decide do...

be determined to do

英语中只有decide to do sth., 不存在decide doing sth这个结构, 不过有这个结构: decide against doing sth.== decide not to do sth.

应该用decide 因为是现在决定下周要做的事,decided,要和过去的时间状语连用

which放在了decide之后,占了动词decide的宾语的位置,所以这应该是宾语从句。(应该不是定语从句吧,你们应该也还没学,是宾语从句的考点) 而宾语从句前面是room(物),所以可用which来连接。

Decided to do sth=determine to do sth =make a decision that

Son,please help me to clean the house. I want to fulfill my dream by my perseverance. I have learnt to be a good boy ever since I was go to the college. I decided to be a lawyer when I was just a child. My friend volunteered to...

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